****NEW PRODUCT! RC Controller Holster!!!!!****

Rekkr Custom Kydex is a young company that is earning respect in a crowded field.  It is easy to make a kydex holster, hard to make it well.  Our fit and finish is done to an extremely high standard. Creativity and simplistic designs that are functional are major points in our designs.  The RCK- IWB, depending on the chosen options, is our most concealable design.  We also design holsters with all body frames in mind- whether it is a 6'4" 200 lb man to a 5'7" 330 lb person or a small framed lady who conceals an XD with laser. 

The story start unknowingly back in the mid-2000's.  Brian and Mike were in opposite parts of the world, one in college and the other playing Navy.  The the wives of Rekkr were busy enjoying college at Slippery Rock University of PA.  Kate and Mal's friendship was critical to the early success of the business-  with out them, Rekkr would not have been born. In 2011, Kate and Brian met up with Mike and Mal.  It was this fateful meeting that struck up a friendship between the men and The discussion opened up.  

       The concept of Rekkr Custom Kydex was born because of a lack of selections and ridiculous prices on the market back in  early 2012.   The founders- Brian and Mike have developed a set of values Rekkr Custom Kydex is founded upon. The pillars are:  Preparation. Dedication. Determination. 

        Rekkr is prepared to meet the needs that are dictated.  We will come up with a solution that best fits you and your application while providing the best value.  We don’t get anything.  We earn it. 

         Rekkr is dedicated to perfection.  This goes throughout the whole process of discussing your needs, making the holster, shipping it, and following up with top quality customer service. 

          Rekkr is determined to be a top holster manufacturer.  Many years of experience and development go into each product we offer.  We use only American made products.  They are produced by military service members past and present and/or public servants. 

Our holsters are offered in all of the industry standard colors, with an availability to get pictures or designs that are not copyrighted on a holster.  This allows the customer to have a truly personalized holster. Rekkr Custom Kydex believes in a simple yet efficient philosophy.  If its not broke, don't fix it, but don't give it an opportunity to break.  We wear our products proudly- specifically the IWB Ruger LC9s Pro holster, and an IWB Glock 23.  Rekkr 1 consistently open carries a Beretta 92FS with Surefire x300 and Rekkr 2 open carries the XDm 4.5 with TRL-1s that is compatible with the Gcode MULE thigh rig and RTI paddle.

     Being of a larger size, one of the partners put different stresses on it.  The other is more of a fit and athletic body.  This allows us to thoroughly test and perfect our products.  Our wives help in the testing phases as well, giving a perspective that we may not see initially.  This gives us a true opportunity to test the holster designs and assess comfort levels on a multitude of different body styles.