****NEW PRODUCT! RC Controller Holster!!!!!****

Havardr OWB Pancake


The traditional OWB paddle style holster can be made to fit any gun size- ranging from the smallest pocket pistol to your larger, more pronounced firearms.  We can accommodate what ever your request is in person.  

Key features of the Rekkr Havardr OWB holster-

  • Lights, lasers, and laser/light combos are easily accommodated.   
  • Position is very close to your body with adjustments

 .  This is our most popular holster style.  We use top quality .080 kydex on everything, unless otherwise specified.  If a G-code mount is ordered, it is automatically bumped up to a .125 thick rear piece to support the mounting properly.  Cant will be adjusted to the customers specifications.  . 

This product is IDPA compatible!