**** Orders placed on 7-24-17 and later will have an indefinite lead. *****

P320 Heima (Home)

Are you Right or Left handed?

Welcome to the heima, or home, of the P320 and P320RX holster.  The 320 is Rekkr's second specialty- a close second to creations most kydex makers will not touch.   We understand what P320 owners want and need from their gear.  One owner is dedicated to the platform- with 15K through the 320 and 5K through the RX.  

* Please note, we have to add sales tax due to Virginia Dept. of Taxations rules.  On the invoice it will identify as "United States Sales Tax."  

* Please note-  if you are local to the Northern VA region and would like to pick up your gear, please contact us.  We can arrange it.