****NEW PRODUCT! RC Controller Holster!!!!!****

RC Controller Holster


The traditional OWB holster has taken a turn into the Radio Controlled world.  Inspired by the hatred of all things around my neck, controllers falling off rocks, and going in for a swim, the Rekkr RC Gear Controller Holster solves those issues.  Backed by a lifetime craftsmanship warranty, they adjust for height and have 2 levels of retention.  The first is for short, Hand of God moments.  the second, in the form of a strap, secures the controller for the long walk back when you break something.   

  • Adjustable width belt loop accepts up to 2" belts
  • Made from kydex and is extremely easy to clean and durable.  
  • 2 levels of retention 
  • Accepts all controllers up to 3.5" wide-  HPI, ECX, Traxxas, Spectrum C and R series and others.